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Edit – November 2014 – The images below were put together when I was hoping to deliver one big book, as it turned out, I was unable, due to other work commitments (sorry to those of you expecting the rest of the St. George book – The White Ship Pt 2) to complete parts of it… so instead I put out two smaller comics that would together with the rest of the White ship narrative, formed “The Lance” as you see it below.

Maybe some future printing will see my original intentions realised.

Back to August 2014.

So I’ve done the basic design for the outer sleeve of the book. The artwork is not finalised, nor the copy as the interior art is not finalised yet either (but it feels like I’m getting there…)

These are just mock ups of what you might be seeing at Thought Bubble this year.

IMAG9442The Front Cover – as it might look.

IMAG9443…you can see a little more of the art on this one.

IMAG9444…the back cover (just mock art and placement of copy and logos at the moment).

IMAG9445…and the spine.


Although the arts not finished… (as you can see above I’m still working away on it), I’m already pulling the print files together, ordering the pages, trying to figure out if the surprise reveals happen on the correct pages and the double page spreads aren’t becoming double side spreads etc.

IMAG9446Well, there is still a ton of work to do, so back to it…

IMAG9420If you want to see more content or art… head over to the “The Cthulhiad” blog, there is a whole bunch of art and notes over there…