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The following works in progress will hopefully be available for purchase at Thoughtbubble, each print will be full digital colour at 420mm x 297mm on card with a matt finish and can be signed or even added to by the artist. Post card versions may be available – Prices to be confirmed (but expect them to be very reasonable).

I’ll post other editions as I get them to this stage.

Meanwhile, works in progress include:

Rust Punk Romeo & Juliet (or the Orange Pickers Daughter’s Serenade)

z Rust Punk Romeo and Juliet

Samurai vs. Toy Robots (or, The Robo-Hunters Dream)

The Robo-Hunters - Central Colours xx

Pirates vs. Tentacles (or, I Told You Not To Read Aloud From The Book!)

Pirates Versus Tentacles x


Cowboys vs. Tentacles (or, Yeah, Two More Guys With Guns Should Do It)

Cowboys versus Tentacles x

…more later!

– Gareth