Exhibitions of Comic Book Work

Right! We’ve just returned from ThoughtBubble 2014 (15th/16th Nov’) where we were promoting two new comics created this summer… “Severed Head Cult” – a tale from The Cthulhiad, a running and fighting tentacled monsters in small attic spaces horror comic (see trailer below).

…and “Vanitas” – (again) a tale from The Cthulhiad, this time a more existential exploration of the horror of existence, with some of the characters from the other Cthulhiad books turning up and doing their thing.

As pointed out above, Inter Comics Podcast can be heard >HERE< being very nice about “Vanitas”… (from about 43mins in).

Andn that note, again as mentioned above, if you’ve read ANY of the books we’ve put out over the last three years, and have liked any of them, please, please, tell us about it.

It would be great to get some feedback, you may even get quoted on the back of next years books.

So, Thoughtbubble 2014… (#TBF14)

… As always, we had a great time and met some very, very nice people…

TB is always such a great experience for us. So much great stuff on show, over the next week or so I intend to showcase some of the great books and art we picked up, along with a round-up of the weekends events. Until then…

Thanks to every one who stopped by the stand, even if it was just to browse or chat, and of course a big thank you to those who picked up the books (new and old). …and to those of you who missed us, see you next year, or you can always chat to us on Twitter.

Gareth@hesir, Sarah – @wildflowerfaery, Damian – @DamianStreet, Andrew@Cosmonautilus and Alex – @AlexWeinle (No Alex this year, he’s a busy man dontcha know) Iron Shod Ape Icon For Thoughtbubble

…mostly it was Sarah and I (it’s me, Gareth)… as always we were joined by Messrs Segal & Street and an assortment of friends new and old.


Regarding the comics, I’d been hoping to have a Redux/expanded version of last year’s un-proofed ashcan (The White Ship, by then hopefully called no less enigmatically, The Lance) ready to debut at the show, but time got away from me and so I published two parts of the larger collection as separate books, namely “Severed Head Cult” (the fighty one) & “Vanitas” (the talky one).


In other news from earlier in the year, some of the comics work from the books (from Damian, Alex and myself) had been on show in the Illustrative Arts Exhibition in the Creative and Cultural Gallery in Hull (1st Aug until 29th Aug, 2014).

10575341_10152163851321688_4021477363589067433_o  10560338_10152171026731688_3678712959738295209_o

It was a great show to pull together and great to collaborate with so many other excellent local artists and creatives…

10501997_10152163862776688_8991751854060964235_n    1927919_10152171023776688_2699363334114112094_n

This is me putting some of the work up at the show…


More recently, I had the chance to exhibit work at the Hull School of Art & Design as part of “Z”, a zombie themed exhibition tied into the PlatformExpos Games Con here in Hull.

Poster Mark 001 (flat Black) SMALL

Again a great chance to exhibit along side colleagues like Dom Li, Paul Starkey and Dave Eccles, as well as some of the younger talent from the Art School.