“Ake’s Trial” – Sketches for the follow up to The King’s Leap…

Work in progress on one of at least five new comics projects due this year…

You might remember our hero Ake, from the panel at the top of page 2 of Rob Jones and my (Gareth here) collaboration from last year, The King’s Leap. Here he is as I refine his facial features, along with other viking and giant types.

x Ake's Head

…and in typical hero pose.

x Ake

x Fighting Giants 002

The giants are going to be fun…

x Fighting Giants 001

x Ymir and the Fisherman's Daughter

x Fighting Giants 003

And here some of the other travellers and ambassadors that appear at the great thing-meet…

Thing Meet Characters

Where Ake’s Trial takes a turn for the worse…

x The Cages and Viking Types

There should be some more fixed panelled pages beginning to appear very soon.

There are various reviews of last year’s book knocking around on the internet, but THIS is one of my favourites… 😉

Oh and if you want to find out more about Rob, Mike and our other brothers over at Madius check them out in full flow on THIS podcast from the guys at Games & Graphics.


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