#MakingComics – The Lance, (WIP) The Cthulhiad


The Lance, Ashkelon” is the over arching story that contains both The White Ship and the new book Drakon (see below)…

It’s essentially the story of St. George as told by one of the characters from my Cthulhiad storyline, in this instance it becomes an origin story for an organisation of monster slayers…

The pages below follow on from the first arc told in the The White Ship – The book is different in style from some of my more recent comics work on Horrere (see previous post) in that I’ve opted to return to a brushed ink finish again.

The images below (with the exception of one spoiler free page) are pre-speech balloon, text etc. The book Drakon will be 48 pages, and will culminate in a third book, potentially available in the spring.

I hope you like the way its going so far, g.

xx The Lance - Page 007

xx The Lance - Page 008

xx The Lance - Page 009

xx The Lance - Page 010

xx The Lance - Page 013 version 1

xx The Lance - Page 015

xx The Lance - Page 016

xx The Lance - Page 022

xx The Lance - Page 023

xx The Lance - Page 036

xx The Lance - Page 037

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