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Red Corsair - Ready For Action

More sketches towards THIS project… here some simple storyboard style thumbnails and a thought or two about the idea that their outfit might change over time… as their notoriety increases…

Red Corsair - Attack

Moving from an ad hoc commando/pilot look, to something more superhero/super-agent like…

x Corsair 001

In particular, the goggles and face mask/scarf being replaced with a WWI firefighters style mask, the strange moustache of which might add a sense of androgyny to the “costume”…  something that might be of benefit in 30/40’s Europe.

x Corsair 002

Finally, we thought the adoption of the tricorn hat, to give a more theatrical slant to the costume, the wearer reading contemporary pulp fiction magazines comic strips in which early costumed-heros appear in fanciful garb, influencing their choices… As well as reflecting the characters Spanish heritage (their mother is Spanish – @wildflowerfaery, Ed.), Zorro, the Flanders’ Cocked Hat etc.

The Needle

Above – One of The Red Corsair’s Spanish Ancestors?

This last image is an initial stab at the Red Corsair’s base of operations… I had thought about housing it in a university a research base, but with the recovery of artefacts being the primary mission of the protagonist, and some knowledge of said objects being necessary, I thought better and decided to house it in the basement of a museum, in this case, possibly the Royal Institute Hall as was on Albion Street, here in Hull.

The Lair of the Red Corsair

Usual paraphernalia abounds, books, records, maps, radio comms, telephone hotline, global time clocks, filing cabinets, assorted seating and storage, and even a chill chair for those quiet contemplative moments. The map in the bottom right shows a further two rooms adjoining this main meeting space (one of which I thought could be the costuming and kit stores), and secret corridor leading up and out into the city by a different route.

In the comics we will see much of this in close up as well or behind characters heads, and so I also wanted to acknowledge the characters interests, posters might be political, books and pamphlets that show the philosophical bent of the characters as well as their attitudes to the characters they find in magazines and comics such as popular magazines such as Modern Mechanix, Dark (or Miss) Fury, Wanda The War Girl and others…

More to come…

xx Scan 91

Set in the 30’s and 40’s, this title follows the adventures of a “super-agent” named The Red Corsair (one I began visual development of at this time last year, see below),

xx Early Designs for Corsair

Some early designs for Red Corsair

…whose mission is to hunt down and recover artefacts of “special significance” with regards to the war effort, and so thwarting the plans of the axis powers during WWII and the period leading up to it.

xx Scan 92


Some more recent costume designs…

xx Scan 94b

The comics will show the origins and subsequent adventures of the protagonist and the team that work alongside, Il Corsaro Rosso, with the principle character’s story arc and plot is being pulled together by Sarah Regan (@wildflowerfaery) and myself…

xx Scan 98

…and starts by showing the events at the time of the title characters birth that would go on to influence their world and their mission, flitting between 1912 and a mission set in the pre-war period…

xx The Corsair - Book 1 - Page 001 for Blog

(Above) potentially page one of the project…

The entire project will hopefully flit backwards and forwards through the period from 1912 to 1945, with some stories set later, and some set in the napoleonic and 17th century. From England to War torn Europe and even North Africa and The Middle East.

xx Scan 100

The real motivation behind the project is to play with some of those great themes, intrigue and action/adventure stories and character types found in pulp stories and cliffhanger serials such as: Captain Cody (King of The Rocket Men, Radar Men from The Moon etc), RafflesThe Shadow, Jim Grimm and Zorro, characters that have inspired more modern retellings such as The Rocketeer, Indiana Jones, Irma Vep and Evelyn Carnahan from The Mummy, whilst looking at real historical events from WWII such as the work done by the monuments men.

xx Scan 99

As well as thumbnail page breakdowns… I’ve filled quite a few pages with potential character faces and other ideas…

xx Scan 96

…single frame narrative development and historical notes, and other related lists.

xx Scan 95

…plenty of action scenes, from leaping motorcycles to car chases.

All in all we are really looking forward to pulling this one together…

xx Scan 93

You never know, it might be ready to debut at Thoughtbubble 2015 later this year.

See also – Dardo Bartoli, Verdi’s Opera – Il Corsaro, Byron’s Poem, Lady Catherine Ferrers etc.