Hello! I’m Gareth Sleightholme. I draw and write comics amongst other things, mostly about monsters and the people that hunt or are hunted by them…


And we are “Iron Shod Ape“! A creative collective of comic book fans now making our own books…

We had a Great time at Thought Bubble this year (Sept 2017), the new TB set up seemed to work. We got to meet a bunch of lovely people as always, and it was great to get some regulars back to pick up the new stuff… thanks to everyone who came by the table, and particularly to those of you who said cool stuff about us on the internet, you have no idea how much it helps, so cheers. You may also have see me at at the Hull Horror Fest in October last year too.

If you want to catch up with us, our next gig is at the Geek Fair on Saturday the 28th April 2018. See you there!

Iron Shod Ape Team Shots

00 001 Thought BubbleLeft to Right, Sarah, Gareth and Kate at the Iron Shod Ape table #TBF16

Over the last few years we have showcased titles such as:

The Boatman, Beached Rockets and several books from The Cthulhiad, as well as joining forces with indie powerhouse Madius Comics to publish two of a loose trilogy of Viking Saga books; The King’s Leap and Ake’s Trial (the third is coming soon!).

You can see the kinda fun we’ve had doing the shows here -> #IronShodApe

The Cthulhiad books look a little like this:

Scan 51

…people in the comics world have been kind enough to say things like this about the books:

Praise for “The Cthulhiad”:

“Dialogue is great, the story moves at break neck pace.”

“Glorious thick, dark inking and great use of shadow. Add to that great character work and design and it all adds up to make this book a pleasure to look at.”

“…this is is the first book I’ve read in The Cthulhiad series. Severed Head Cult has left me chomping at the bit for more. I want to know everything there is to know about this comic universe.”

Stevie Robinson, Other Worlds Than These.

a harrowing tale of monster hunting. Sleightholme choreographs an excellent fight scene with a creature that flows like water…”

“…part of Sleightholme’s Cthulhiad series. If this is what can be expected from it, I’m definitely interested in seeing more. He’s created a terrifying world dripping with mythology and lore.”

James Ferguson, Horror Talk

“In a world of quick, efficient storytelling and conventional three-act structures, the Cthulhiad stands alone like a bewildering tower of Lovecraftian passion and excess.  Challenging to read and gorgeous to look at, this is a series designed to reward the patient…”

“Intricately detailed and packed with expression and dynamism,”

“…it’s Sleightholme’s artwork which is clearly going to provide the main selling point for the Cthulhiad.”

– Craig Neilson-Adams, The Big Comics Page

xxx Kings Leap - Page 006


Praise for “The King’s Leap”:

“Rob Jones (Madius Comics) actually has some pretty damn impressive ‘straight writing’ chops. The narration is bold and dramatic.”

“Sleightholme’s artwork is an absolute delight… with a cinematic flow to his panels that keeps the story moving forward smoothly throughout”

“The King’s Leap serves as an eye-opening broadening of the Madius Comics horizon, and firmly cements Gareth Sleightholme as an absolute must-watch artist.”

– Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej), Big Comics Page.

“Robin Jones has captured the essence of the epic tale and twisted it…”

“I was unfamiliar with [Gareth’s] work before this, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it from now on… action sequences are as fast-paced as the script. Here there be monsters, and Sleightholme draws some fantastic ones, creatures that recall Lovecraft and those great beasts in Pacific Rim.”

Brad Gischia, BagAndBored.

Scan 58

…elsewhere including praise for (writer and artist on the Cthulhiad) Gareth Sleightholme‘s other comic art on books like Horrere.

“…gorgeous”, “…stunning art” – (Shane/Dawn of Comics), Comics Crusaders.

“[Gareth] packs a hell of a lot into his panels. The details in the line work are jaw dropping and the panel layouts are just great…”Stevie Robinson, Other Worlds Than These.

“…look at this artwork. Isn’t its messiness grand?” – Jessica Maybury, Girls Like Comics.

“The visuals were amazing too …almost overwhelming but in a really good way that adds to the buzz of the terror” – Susan Omand, Garbage File.

“[Gareth’s] art is surprisingly evocative” – Max Deacon, Scream.

“The artwork by Gareth Sleighthome is incredible; packing each frame with more details than you’ll take in right away”Kieran Fisher, ThatsNotCurrentBlog.

Sleightholme does another stellar job with the visuals, proving that he’s equally adept at zombies as he is with swords and sorcery…”Craig Neilson-Adams (AKA Ceej), Big Comics Page.

“[Gareth’s] work in this short is fantastic, looking like something that would be at home in 2000 A.D. or any of the other top anthologies on the market.” – Brad Gischia, BagAndBored.

“Geof Darrow-esque detail” – Pipedream Comics.

On that note…


TWEET US @hesir, thank you!

…this blog is a work in progress, put together as we geared up for our first gig (back in November of 2012) at ThoughtBubble, where we launched Beached Rockets and The Cthulhiad/The Indian Fighter.
Let us know if there is anything we can do to improve it or anything else you would like to see on here.

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