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Hi, Andrew here,

So welcome to the first Episode of Departure Gates, a short story in a Science Fiction anthology which is drawn by Damian Street and written by Andrew Segal. Below is some of the in progress sketches and designs for the short first instalment of what is intended to be 6x8page episodes.

What is Departure Gates about?

Two characters are waiting for a starship out of town, for very different reasons. As the story progresses you’ll find out what those reasons really are.There are no names for the characters yet (well, I know them), but next episode, you’ll learn more about both of them.

Departure Gates is  set to be an odd SF mash up of screwball comedy and adventure movies. So no big themes or darkness or radical soul searching, sorry.

There are other stories in the anthology taking it to a comic like 24 pages. I’ll post up some roughs as they appear.

Has the anthology got a name?


Really? are you just making this up as you go along?

Not quiet, the other episodes link loosely together and are set in the same Universe. The other episodes are part of the BEACHED ROCKETS story, so those will be under that name.

Beached Rockets is a planned comic/game with (eventually) playable episodic sequences. For now and for my own sanity, it’s just a comic.

So it is with pleasure I present the first few work in progress glimpses of Departure Gates..

Here’s another page..

Here is the main location of episode 2, the Greyhound StarCruiser. As with most of the sets and backgrounds, Damian and I are building them in 3D and drawing over them.

Above is a colour rough of the Greyhound (although it’s name may change).

Below is a sketch of one of the various characters that inhabit the space-port in Departure Gates.

Here are some early designs for the space-port lounge with some digital roughs created in Sketch Up.and because you’ve been so patient, here’s a final glimpse of Departure Gates.

And that’s all for now, we’ll post again as the project moves forward for Thought Bubble 2012.

Where are we online?

Damian is at;

and Andrew lurks here..


@cosmonautilus on twitter.

Times getting on, and Gods forbid I manage to not have The Indian Fighter and the other comic I have planned ready to go… well, I’ll need something on the table otherwise I’m going to look like a crazy person.

So… Whats my back up plan?

Fun Mini-Comics!!!

These first two are just collecting stuff from way back… but who knows there might be more.

There are more pics from these HERE:

This is now coming together quickly as a comic for ThoughtBubble in November…

It’s the story of an unpleasant soldier, who finds out he’s not the scariest thing in the dark…

A group of soldiers, part of a 700 hundred strong militia band heading out to deal with a camp of native American Cheyenne encamped in the southeastern Colorado territory, are asked to go off mission and track down a group of runaway slaves and a mixed gang of Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho who have stolen an artifact from the mission chapel at Merl’s Gallo.

Plus, some notional Cover Art and Interior cover page treatment…

Set in the year before the end of the Civil War in the States, and during the Indian Wars that were part of US history for just over 300 years, from the time of the first settlers in Jamestown to the last skirmishes of 1923/4… yes, 1924, that’s fours years before my mother was born.

There’s an EDIT of this story in prose form dated the 15th SEPTEMBER 2005 over on my DA site (have I really been working on it this long?), the notes say “…still having trouble finding the right voice for this guy… he’s veered from hard-bitten western colloquialism to educated and back again… and back again… Maybe I just need to picture an actor or someone in the role and see how that works? It worked with “Salamander Jack” and picturing Iggy Pop…

This remains a work in progress towards a larger work called The Cthulhiad.

A few years back I’d read an annotated collection of Lovecraft’s Weird Tales… and thought it might be interesting to have a go at writing a set of shorts or fragments based around his “Cthulhu Mythos“. But rather than dealing with the scientist who goes mad, trying to see things from the point of view of those who find their connection to the outer dark as a strengthening thing.

I’ve also always wanted to do something that dealt with the sea and our pull to water… having grown up by it.

Anyway this is just a start… along with [link] [link] [link] and [link] from my DA site.